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, a round about in east london is being hailed as europe's answer to silicone valley. but should california tech giants be shaking in their hoodies? stay tuned. >>> welcome back to the program. the financial times picked mario draghi as its financial person for the year. earlier in the program, we asked you who would be your pick. bruce tweeted in to say silvia wadhwa, she's my favorite. silvia gets our vote, too. get in touch with us by e-mail, worldwide@cnbc.com, tweet us or tweet ross even though he's not here. in fact, i encourage that. >>> east london has been hailed to europe's answer to silicone valley. can it really compete? and what's in it for investors? tom mckenzie reports. >> in just a few years, london's tech city has grown from a handful of companies to a buzzing cluster of close to 5,000 businesses. it's spawned favorite start ups like moshi monsters and wonga.com. google and facebook have opened offices here and it's a major part of the uk government's growth strategy. british prime minister david cameron recently announced a 50 million pound cash injection for the tech hub
instagram places until the world. six california locations made the list. and the top two places most snapped and shared on instagram may surprise you. they were the shopping mall in bangkok, thailand t b, and the sunni's airport. >> where is your top place that you would like to go, christian? >> i think i go with the americans here. i think it looks most likely that we're going to be in italy. >> i thought you meant he were going to the americas. but that's all right. >> i'm going with the americans will be. >> where in italy? >> sicily. sicily looks -- first of all, it's some place i've never been. in london any time of the year but certainly in summer. >> are you an instagram user? >> i am not. >> where do you want to go, kelly? >> in 2013? >> yes. >> i suppose i get around to see more of europe. i would love to go to russia and see moscow and st. petersburg. >> don't go in the wintertime, that's all i can say. >> and yours? >> i used to do all the die hard type travel adventure stuff and now i just want a nice beach. mall tease you can never go wrong or the greek islands. i've ne
had been spented. samsung's withdraw came on the heels of a california judge's refusal to block sales of dozens of samsung's mobile offerings. a u.s. jury back in august said those devices violated apple's numerous apple patents. in a court filing on thursday, apple said it's now asking a u.s. appeal escort to reconsider the lower court's decision to overturn the sales ban. back to you. >> great. sherry, thanks. >>> moody's says the unemployment rate should hit 24% by 2012 in greece. >> i think that it's absolutely clear that part of the fears of the global observers have proved unfounded. i was always convinced that it was unfounded and that the assumption that they could leave the euro area, that they could refuse the adjustment which is necessary were wrong assumptions. and now we see and, of course it's difficult. of course it's hard. the people have to make adjustments. but, again, we are going in the right direction. again, it's very difficult. it goes in the right direction. >> you don't believe in the scenario of greek exit? >> no. precisely because it appears very clearly. ne
in a california courtroom. samsung said it dropped its injunctions in europe in the interests of consumer choice. it did not specifically say it would abandon its court battle for compensation. samsung electronics flat there, but -- sorry, korean markets were closed today for the presidential election. apple adding 2.9% yesterday. no wonder the nasdaq was doing so well. >>> weak sales at home and abroad forcing some of asia's top retailers to slash earnings forecasts and consider takeover bids. we have more on the story. hi, dee. >> reporter: hey, that's right. some brands that are in decline. we had two companies really slumping today in trade. the brands in question are espirit and billabong, once seen as valuable names that consumers would income to. they are now in decline. espirit is of course a europe-focused retailer, and billabong synonymous with surf wear. falling 7% in hong kong today, though ended down 4.5% in hong kong after issuing a profit warning which sparked downgrades for morgan stanley and jpmorgan. late last year, espirit launched a four-year turnaround plan to basically revi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4